What’s in your diaper bag?

What’s in your diaper bag?

When I was about six months pregnant I told my mom I was buying a used diaper bag. My mom, who is usually very frugal, was appalled.

“Choosing my diaper bag was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant! It’s going to be your purse for a couple of years. Pick one you love!” She urged me.

To my husband’s dismay, I listened to her and ended up with a designer Coach diaper bag :).

It turns out my mom was right. I love my diaper bag and whenever my husband complains that it’s too heavy and “do we have to take it with us THIS time?” I retort that it’s my purse! Where I go, it goes!

At six months pregnant I also could not imagine what I would need such a large bag for. What could I possibly need to take with me to take care of one little baby?!

IMG_5250 (800x600)

A LOT as it turned out.

Clockwise from top left:

Nursing cover

Ring sling (invaluable)




Brush, hairband and clip


Lip balm


Coach diaper bag

Diaper changing pad

Wet bag


2 Grovia disposable inserts for diaper cover

Diaper cover

3 Fuzzibunz cloth pocket diapers

2 onesies

Aden and Anais bamboo blanket

Burp cloth

Nursing pads


It barely fits!

What’s in your diaper bag?


Until my next adventure . . .


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