Trends that are keepers for 2017

Trends that are keepers for 2017

Trends that are keepers for 2017

The world has changed over the last decade or so, the way we think and choose to raise our kids, the ideals we subscribe to, and the things we value as important have somewhat changed as well.  I often wonder if there has been another time period in life in which the world changed at a faster speed.  Don’t forget that it was just 10 years ago that Apple launched its smart phone, and just a mere 7 years ago that Pinterest launched.  Can you imagine a life without smart phones and Pinterest?  Yeah, me neither.  Some might argue that we’ve all become socially antisocial.  Whatever side you fall on in respect to the technology subject, there are a few trends nowadays that may seem to point out that simplified views on living are alive and well.


Here are a few trends for 2017 according to Pinterest’s 100 official trend report for 2017:


If you can make it yourself, it’s better that way. Everything from creating indoor/outdoor gardens to making your own makeup is trendy right now.  People are looking for ways to be creative and reduce chemicals and harmful products in their lives.


Natural rocks.  There is a huge trend on using natural wood in the baby nursery.  Gender neutral and super contemporary chic nurseries are so 2015.  Drift wood, light brown and grey give a neutral and natural feel to the nursery, its super hot for 2017.


Bye, bye baby names.  Apple, Grey, Lulu, Penn and Maddox may be a thing of the past.  2017 trends suggest that parents may be moving towards the more classic names like Emily, Alice, Henry, George and Nathan.


Non- GMO.  Parents are really concerned about the food they are giving their family.  Maybe since the explosion of the GMO foods that are available in the foods stores, parents are pushing to have foods properly labeled so that they can make better food decisions for their family.  Still wondering what all the fuss is about GMO’s?


Essential Oils & Natural products.  Remember when buying something already prepared and in a box was the gold standard in consumable items?  That was so 1990.  I really don’t remember too many people in the ’80’s that were running out to buy essential oils to make their own skincare and healthy products.  Now you can find tons of recipes and uses for essential oils and my favorite-coconut oil.


Back to basics.  Even though technology is great, parents of today are focused on limiting tech time in their households, and opting for crafting and games that improve their child’s development skills.


Yoga, Detox & Wellness.  There’s this movement of healthy living that is at the top of most people’s minds.  Gone are the days when just doing an hour of cardio was enough.  People are looking for a mind, body and soul experience.  Yoga, Pilates and meditation have taken over from more traditional forms of exercise.  It’s all about homeostasis and wellness these days.

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