Tips to keep a positive outlook when your having one of those messy days

Tips to keep a positive outlook when your having one of those messy days

We all have those days where nothing seems to go right.  When one thing, and it’s usually something small, sets the tone and mood of the day and little things keep going wrong causing extreme frustration in your day.  You forget something, you have a late start, you spill coffee on your clean white shirt….you know THOSE days.  Or how about when you are having a normal day, trying to accomplish your goals and that ONE thing happens that totally attempts to change your mood for the rest of the day and you just can’t shake it.  I really hate that feeling.  Here are my tips to keeping a positive outlook on one of those messy days.


  1. Allow yourself to be human. I know that there are times that we are not thrilled about our current situation.  Stress and many outside factors can all contribute to our mood, allowing the small things to frustrate you more seems quite trivial but sometimes just cut yourself a lot of slack.  We’re not perfect and we should be allowed to have one of those “off” days and not beat ourselves up for it.


  1. Don’t let it linger. On those days when you’re feeling like things are running amok, try to re-direct your thoughts so that you’re not dwelling on it all day, maybe take a relaxing walk, do some yoga, or grab a nice cup of tea. You want to make sure that you wake up the next day feeling like you have put that messy day behind you and that you have a brand new start, so do you best to let it go.


  1. Connect with like minded people. Sometimes talking about your super messy, ultra frustrating day with close friends can be the cure.  For me, getting it all out there no matter how silly, is a huge help.  Ahhh, VENTING!  It does wonders for me.  The ironic thing is that typically when you need to vent with one of your friends, they usually have to do the same thing and you end up helping them too.  Nothing like good ol’ friends.


  1. Schedule some #mymetime. In some cases our frustrations or messy days come out of a lack of something your body needs. If you’ve been working like a horse or stressed more than usual, it very often is, one small insignificant thing that starts a chain reaction and can make things seem unbearable.  You know like when you argue with your spouse, it’s usually the silly little things that set off an argument, not typically the big things that you argue about, like leaving dirty socks in the bathroom or not throwing garbage in the trash can which is like 10 feet away from your nose (not that I am speaking from experience or anything, just saying….) Plan some time to do something you like to do-for you, and say bye-bye to those messy days because you won’t be sweating the small stuff as much.


  1. Movie time. I don’t watch a lot of TV and movies, mostly because I fall asleep…ha!  But I really like watching movies.  I have a few favorites that I could just watch over and over.  When I’m having a messy day, it’s the perfect time for me to put one of those movies on or even a new one.  This takes my mind off of my frustrations and on to something else; it’s the perfect distraction.

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