The Unglamorous side of getting knocked-up

The Unglamorous side of getting knocked-up

We are going to talk about the things that every pregnant woman dreads and no women really talk about. Things that we hope stays between our girlfriends, mothers and health care professionals. So if you are a guy, a daddy-to-be and have been following my articles and all of the joys of pregnancy, you should probably


Now that we’ve cleared the air, it is no shocker that there is a down side; an unglamorous side of getting knocked-up. Outside of the shallow worries about gaining weight, stretch marks, morning sickness and saggy boobs, there are other side effects that we would just, rather not have.

Heartburn, Gas and Bloating…NICE! Although some women can tolerate heartburn; thinking that it may result in their baby having lots of hair when they are born. I hate to burst your bubble ladies, and you know who I’m talking about, but this is not entirely true in all cases. Heartburn is a result of a digestive changes in your GI Tract. Research further suggests that it can be because of changing hormone levels and a relaxation in the “esophageal sphincter,” allowing acid to sneak back out from the stomach. Gas and bloating…well that’s another thing. It happens! It is recommended to eat slowly and have smaller meals throughout the day to try and prevent some of these, not-so-polite side effects.

Bleeding gums is sometimes the first sign of pregnancy for women. Changes in hormone levels and the presence of progesterone ( a hormone produced by the placenta) can make the gums super sensitive and more susceptible to plaque. It is recommended to keep excellent dental hygiene habits and you may want to consider getting more frequent professional dental cleanings.

Constipation, Boo! Again, can be caused by the hormone progesterone and WebMD says, it is also because it slows down the movement of food in the body. This can also lead into another one of the least favorite side effects of pregnancy–hemorrhoids. Remember the movie, “Pretty in Pink”, where Molly Ringwald’s character tells her boyfriend all about her wonderful experiences with hemorrhoids. Not all women get them, and some women who develop them, do so in the last trimester, which can become exacerbated during delivery.

Yeast infections are another unpleasant part of pregnancy. It happens when there is an over production of yeast, already found in your body, that become over grown due to more estrogen in your body. Some women also experience nose bleeds and itchy skin. Some itchy skin is normal, but if it becomes severe, please consult with your doctor. As with all of these side effects, before self medicating, may sure you see your health care professional.

As it goes generally in life, with the good also comes some bad or not so pleasant things, as in these cases. Being pregnant sort of sends your body into some strange arenas, but most of it is normal and will pass once you have your baby. Trust me, these side-effects, although unpleasant, are a small price to pay for the joy of bringing your beautiful child into the world. Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!

Love & Hugs!

Bianca Carter is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and Founder of Bun in the Oven. Follow on facebook at babybunintheoven, or visit


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