The gift of unexpected chances

The gift of unexpected chances

In life some things happen suddenly and without warning.  Life can change in a matter of seconds; it’s important to never take things for granted.  In life’s challenging moments, we all have the ability to help; to lend and hand and go out of our way to show compassion for others without the expectation of getting something in return.  So many things happen in our lives that are outside of our control; what we do control is what we do and how we act.

The unexpected events and situations that arise in our own lives, sometimes offer us no choice but to keep moving along, getting up, getting dressed and preparing ourselves for the rest of the day.  But when something happens to someone else, we can choose to keep going about our day but we would be missing the opportunity to help.

I recently came across a terrible accident involving a family on scooters.  I was going about my day and suddenly came across a very terrifying scene.  I watched as some onlookers stopped and others drove by.  What terrified me the most was seeing the son of the victim in complete panic and fear as he looked on at his mother.  As a mom, my heart sank and I began to pray.  I stopped off at the hospital and asked them to send help.

Later in the day, I couldn’t get the image of that child having to witness such terrifying events out of my head.  I didn’t see exactly what happened and I wasn’t sure the outcome but decided to see if there was something I could do to help, so I returned to the hospital to see if they were ok.  I was lucky to meet the husband and the kids and offered a few words of comfort and encouragement to them while their mother was rushed into surgery.  I comforted the two young boys as they cried for their mother.  It broke my heart to hear them as I held their hand.  I listened and I comforted them as best as I could, and I prayed for them.  They were scared and alone, and I knew they were so grateful just to have someone comfort them.  The following morning, I contacted the husband who told me that his wife was in stable condition after the surgery, and that he was hoping to get her back home as soon as possible.

This serves as an example of how an act of kindness can help a situation that seems unbearable.  The reality is people need people.  We are all human beings first, and I think we are meant to help each other through the trials and tribulations that life brings.  Everyday there are unexpected opportunities and chances that arise where we can help someone.  It doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor; it can be a small act of kindness that can change a person’s day or even life.  Even a smile or a kind word can be what is needed to change someone perspective regarding a situation.  I encourage you to give of yourself to help someone else; to take every opportunity you can to lend a hand.  Like the saying goes, “be the light in someone’s darkness,” you never know how much of a positive impact you can make on someone else’s life.

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