Staying positive in so much negative

Staying positive in so much negative

Everyday, if we’re lucky, we wake up to another day.  Most of the time, we are bombarded with images and situations that are not so comforting; it really is no wonder that the world is plagued with so many ailments, physically and emotionally.

I recently watched a T.V program where the guest on the show said that it was his belief that the world was in crisis.  You really just have to watch the world news programs to get that impression.  I really don’t blame people that see the glass half empty; it is so hard to keep your chin up and think positive all the time.

Staying positive in so much negative is the challenge all of us face from time to time.  Adversity comes, but it also goes.  In the hardest times, thinking positive can make things a little easier to cope with.  I’m sure you’re thinking-easier said than done, right?

Like everything, there is no magic formula and it takes practice and a constant decision to change the way you think and perceive things.  Easy Peasy! Here are a few things you can put in place to help you focus more on the good, instead of the bad.

Understand that things don’t always have to be perfect.  You’re human; don’t beat yourself up if from time to time, you have moments that aren’t so positive.  The point is not to be perfect (because nothing and no one is) but rather do the best you can, on a regular basis, choosing to see things from a more positive place.

Surround yourself with people that uplift you, not judge you or tear you down.  If they’re not adding to your life in a positive way, then maybe you need to consider how much of your time they consume.  I’m not suggesting to surround yourself with people that only agree with you and never challenge you; you don’t have to agree with everything someone says in order to show them compassion and love.

Deal with one problem, one thought or one situation at a time.  Compartmentalizing things is a good way to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed.   You deal with and tackle things as they come.  Worrying won’t prevent issues from arising; don’t let worrying take away your joy in the moment.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and learn to appreciate the simple and small things in life-those moments are the best!

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