Sip on this- Island Citrus Spritz Cocktail #recipe

Sip on this- Island Citrus Spritz Cocktail #recipe

After Halloween and the kids have had more than their weight in candy, don’t the adults deserve a treat too!?  I don’t know about you, but a nice cocktail on the weekend is right up my alley.  If the scenery is really good (like watching the sun set on the beach..ha!) it’s even better.

My Dad’s birthday is Halloween so I am making him a celebration drink for the family party tonight.  This is the perfect concoction for a night like this.  It’s so simple to make, which is ALWAYS a must because who has time to fuss, right?  We call it Island Citrus Spritz…..ooohhhhh, ahhhhh…I know, right!

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We have these fruits we call “Sour Orange”  in The Bahamas.  They are a mix between and orange and a lime.  They are the size and shape of an orange, the color of a lime and they taste like a bitter orange, hence the name sour orange!



If you don’t have a sour orange equivalent, then use lime or try grapefruit to get that bitterness.  Honestly, anything you use in the citrus family is going to taste great.  Just make it fun and use the fresh stuff, it really makes a difference.

Squeeze 2 cups or 1 pint of fresh sour orange (or whatever citrus you decided on) in a pitcher



Add the same ratio of sugar, 2 cups (roughly 2 cups or if you want to be on the conservative side, do 1.5 cups and add to taste)


Add 2 quarts  ( 8 cups ) of water (you may need to add a little more water to your taste)

Add 16 ounces ( 2 cups) of Vodka (no, that’s not a lot)

Add 8 ounces ( 1 cup) of Pimms (or whatever liqueur you have on hand)


Stir well!

Add the Citrus Fruit you want- Limes, Lemons, Oranges





Add Fresh Mint Leaves- Lots of them!  Love MINT!!!




When you have added all of the ingredients, taste it.  It may taste a little syrupy but remember your going to add ice, so don’t add too much water.  You can pour it over ice or add ice to chill it in the container.

Oh, and if you want to turn this cocktail into a mocktail….just add soda or ginder-ale instead of the alcohol.

Yummm…. Enjoy!

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