May 10th 2015 marked my first Mother’s Day, and it was wonderful. My son has filled a piece of my heart that I didn’t previously know existed, and every day it overflows with more love. I really did not know I could love someone so much, with such depth, and so unconditionally.
Ever since I was a little girl I obsessed over becoming a mother. Always played with dolls, stuffed my clothes to appear pregnant, and loved playing with my younger cousins. The only thing I ever really wanted out of life, was to one day become a Mother.

Here I am at age 6:
Karen child pushing stroller
At 12 years old I started babysitting my baby cousin, every day after school. I was too young to be left alone with him, but basically I gave his mom a break and played with him in the backyard, fed him, changed him, all that. In college I became a nanny to earn some extra money and babysat every chance I could. I just love kids.
Okay, you get the idea. Basically, all my dreams have come true, and my first Mother’s Day was beyond amazing.
My morning started with my wonderful husband, Christian, scooping Vincent out of his crib at 7am and letting me sleep in until 9:30am! This may seem so mediocre, but any mom knows that this = major brownie points. Christian brought him to me and we snuggled in bed and watched his cartoons.
Christian then walks in with a tray of breakfast! Coffee in a “Mom” mug, so cute! Some oatmeal, juice, flowers; be still my heart! After I ate, he told me to go in to the bathroom.


Karen Mom mugKaren & Vinnie mothers day


Low and behold a bubble bath just for me!

Karen bubble bath
After my luxurious bath, I got ready for Mother’s Day Brunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We were joined by my parents, Christian’s parents, my sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and my niece and nephew. It was a gorgeous day and I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a wonderful family, especially my mother and my mother-in-law who have both taught me so much about becoming the mom I am today. I appreciate them so much, and even more so now that I am a mom myself. I now realize what they sacrificed for us and understand all the little things that moms do.
Mothers Day menu

My first Mother’s Day was simple, I wasn’t showered with expensive gifts or dozens of roses, but those things don’t matter to me. I was surrounded by our family and got to enjoy a few simple, (much needed) moments to myself, and most importantly, I got to spend the day with my son, my pride and joy, my heart string.

KK x

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