Say what? Thanks, but no thanks!

Say what? Thanks, but no thanks!

Most of us that have had children have been there; we’ve dealt with, and been bombarded with all sorts of information and opinions about being pregnant, having a baby and caring for it.  We asked lots of people for the strangest, funniest and weirdest advice they have ever heard-of course we’ve added our own too!

Here’s what made the list.  We’re still scratching our head with many of these…

Morning sickness is mind over matter, its all in your head  (yea, we wanted to strangle them too)

Heartburn is good, it means your baby is going to have lots of hair when they’re born  (and then baby comes out hairless….bless them)

You must wear socks all the time, letting your feet touch cold tile will get you sick  (because cold, means cold, right?)

Your only choice of shoe should be flats  (cause that would mean you’d be a sexy pregnant lady in heels?) 

Pointy belly means your having a boy.  If you carry low, you’re having a girl (what does it look like if you’re having twins??)

You can’t wash your hair for 6 weeks after delivery because you’ll get sick (no comment)

If you’re baby has thrush, get it to lick it’s own wet diaper (ask us in a minute while we let that one sink in-YIKES!)

Wash your hair in your placenta (Ok, we’re done with this one!)

giphy (1)


Bury your child’s umbilical cord  (Is it just me, or do they keep getting stranger and stranger….)

Eat green papaya to increase breast milk ( well that sound pretty normal, right)

You have to drink milk in order to produce milk (what if you’re lactose intolerant?)

You shouldn’t give in to you pregnancy cravings because your spoiling your child (spoiling in utero…OK then)

Hungry at night?  Don’t eat because your baby will sleep through the night after birth (Oh, that’s why. Now I get it!)

How’s that for advice!  We’re still trying to let some of these sink in.  Did you get any pregnancy advice that you’re still trying to wrap your preggie brain around?

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