Recipe: Raspberry Coconut Frozen Pops

Recipe: Raspberry Coconut Frozen Pops

Recipe: Raspberry Coconut Frozen Pops

It’s a bit early for raspberry season which typically starts in summer until early fall, but for almost all of us we’re able to get fresh raspberries most of the year, albeit always sweetest in season.  For this recipe, I prefer to use the frozen bags of raspberries because it’s just easier that way for me.  I always buy the bags of frozen fruit and toss them in smoothies for breakfast, so it’s something I always have on hand.

I find it challenging sometimes to give my kids sweet treats and not feel guilty about all of the processed ingredients and tons of sugar, so many times I will make my own healthier versions of things that they already love.  This frozen pop idea is one of those things that especially in the summer, I make for the kids.  Homemade granola is also better than store-bought.  The amount of sugar in those store-bought bags would shock you.

For these frozen pops, I used all of the things I had on hand in the house.  You can substitute most of these ingredients to suit what you have on hand.  Blueberries and papaya would be good substitutions for the raspberries and watermelon.

Here’s a quick little cut-out graphic that you can print and save in your recipe book.



What healthier versions of your favorite kid-treats do you like or make for your kids?  SHARE & COMMENT below 🙂

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