Recipe: 10 min. banana coconut pancakes

Recipe: 10 min. banana coconut pancakes

Recipe: 10 min. banana coconut pancakes

Weekends are when we get to take the time to make breakfast for the kids.  During the week, on school mornings, they get cereal with milk, toast or a fried egg, obviously something quick.  Even though on the weekends we normally have a bit more time, no one wants to spend hours cooking and cleaning a kitchen and most of the time, our weekends are packed with outings.  This weekend, we went to the beach and did a little line fishing.  It was so much fun, the kids had a blast!  Truthfully, my husband is the one that makes the best sand dollar pancakes.  He has the patience to sit there and cook a hundred little sand dollar sized pancakes…ha!

We like making pancakes because you can add pretty much anything to them and they come out awesome.  We’ve tried adding chocolate chips, pecans and all sorts of fruit-so yummy!  Here is a recipe for one of our favorite family variations- Banana Coconut pancakes!  It seriously only takes 10 minutes.  Cut-out the graphic below & Try it!

Hope you enjoy making and most importantly eating these 🙂

10 min banana coconut pancakes

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