Preparing for baby – sailboat style!

Preparing for baby – sailboat style!

The list of items a newborn “needs” can be overwhelming. Some of the What to buy lists on the Internet run for pages! As I prepare for our new arrival I am not even in the same boat as everyone else (pun intended) since I really am on a boat!

My list of newborn items:

Large items:

Car seat and base

Extra base for Daddy’s truck

Stroller frame for car seat base

Playpen/bassinet/changing combo for our schoolhouse ( I homeschool 2 teenagers)


Newborn size (my last baby was pretty small but I know some can skip this size)

4 nightgowns

10 footed PJs

10 onesies

6 rompers

10 socks

6 hats

1 jacket

2 pants


36 cloth diapers- newborn

5 diaper covers – newborn

36 cloth diapers – small

8 diaper covers – small

cloth diaper pail/bag

Cloth diaper washing powder

3 Snappis

1 changing pad (I made mine to fit a bureau on my boat out of foam)

3 changing pad covers


Boppy breast feeding pillow

Breast pump for unforeseen circumstances

1 bottle

Breast pads

4 Nursing bras

4 nursing tanks


2 pretty blankets

6 receiving blankets

2 hooded towels

10 washcloths

12 burp cloths

Diaper bag

Folding travel bed(for naps on the boat)

Too many books!

2 toys

Even with my small space in mind I still ended up with a ton of stuff!

. . . until my next adventure,


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