Plan your Babymoon- Top picks

Plan your Babymoon- Top picks

You may be tired of thinking and hearing about all the things to do before baby arrives. I must admit, there are a ton of things to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival and it can be overwhelming, especially since having to remember it all is quite challenging for women who suffer from what I call, “preggie brain.” If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll remember how challenging it was to remember anything.

“Babymoon” is a trendy term adapted from the more traditional Honeymoon that many couples take shortly after getting married. It’s a trip to commemorate the last couple vacation before becoming parents. If you have the ability to do it, you definitely should. Even a quick day trip is a great idea.

We have many quick and easy options here at home, in our backyard. Taking an out-island trip or even “island hopping” would be a great option. It’s a good idea to try something quiet, calm and romantic. The beautiful beaches and water may be just what you need to mentally prepare yourself for your beautiful new baby.

Consider your stage in pregnancy because being able to move around in comfort is going to be important. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your “babymoon” so you may need to plan it for your second trimester which is when you have super amounts of energy, and you’re feeling great.

An African safari or a trip exploring the Amazon jungle may not be the best options for you. Some places sound really exotic and amazing but they many also require vaccines which are probably not a good idea while pregnant. You may want something exotic and unique but you don’t want to go somewhere that is really remote and far from home.

If all plans fail for a typical vacation, you may have passed the point of being able to travel, but you still want to enjoy a trip with each other, you may want to consider a”stay-cation.” “Stay-cation” is a trendy term used to describe a vacation-like getaway in your city, or town; having a vacation without having to travel anywhere for it. This is a really good option for people that hate to pack or prepare for traveling. Bahamians like to use the term “playing tourist” to describe it. Try checking in to local hotels and dining at restaurants you love or have been wanting to experience. Nassau has a few really nice boutique hotels in the western part of the island that would be amazing for your “babymoon.”

Planning your Stay-cation in Nassau?  Check out my TOP PICKS for dining and resting 🙂

Feel like a movieBook here  It’s so cozy and comfortable, you’ll feel like your in your own home movie theater!

How about a nice bottle of wine and a authentic Italian-style pizza?

Need a good view and a Tropical getaway with breathtaking views?

The best burgers in town!  The view is stunning….you’ll feel right at home amongst all the celebs that call it home.

Want a secret getaway?  Elevated, island views that are close to many great dining areas.

Also, you’ll definitely want to check out these, must-dos and don’t forget how magnificent you are!

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