Pickles and Ice Cream

Pickles and Ice Cream

pickles-and-ice-creamSalty, sweet and spicy-even if you have never been pregnant, you know about pregnancy cravings, and it’s usually the weird ones like, pickles and ice cream. Not all pregnant women have weird pregnancy cravings, some actually have food aversions to tastes and smells.

With these changes happening all at once, taste buds and your sense of smell can become heightened, turning you off or turning you on, to different things. Some women can’t wear their favorite perfume or body lotion, because it somehow smells different and becomes off-putting. With all these involuntary preference changes and aversions, is there anything you should be cautious about consuming or putting on your body while pregnant?

Your doctor may have given you a list of foods that you should avoid while pregnant. Foods like, soft cheeses and raw fish are typically at the top of the list. This is primarily due to bacteria that may be present in the food due to a lack of cooking or pasteurization. It’s also recommended that you should be careful of the products you put on your skin. It may be best to use mild, non-chemical formulas to minimize any discomfort or sensitivities.

pickles_and_ice_creamResearch suggests that there are mixed opinions of why women’s senses become heightened during pregnancy, causing adverse reactions or cravings. It’s suggested that a pregnant women’s cravings have to do with a lack of a specific nutrient or vitamin found in the body, causing a craving. Salty cravings may be a result of a sodium need and sugar cravings may be due to blood sugar levels dropping , the latter can be lessened by eating small frequent meals. On the contrary, some people believe that notion to be absurd, suggesting that even when not pregnant, our body should then in fact crave needed nutrients from specific food groups, foods like broccoli and spinach, as a result.

What there is no dispute over is making sure you are eating healthy. Your body needs all of the essential nutrients and vitamins to pass on to your growing fetus. You can find lots of great support articles that challenge you to eat fruit snacks, dried fruit or homemade fruit compotes instead of chocolate and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. I know, easier said than done! All some women want the first few months, especially if they are plagued with morning sickness, is carbs!

At the end of the day, eat what you want (or can tolerate) and try to replace as many of the non-healthy meals, with the healthier version of them. If you have any doubts about what you should or should not be eating, always ask your health care professional. Happy growing belly!


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