As a new mom to a 4-month old boy, my creative mind has been going wild with what to paint on his nursery walls! I know what you’re probably thinking, “You have a 4 month old and you haven’t finished his nursery yet?”

Yes, it’s true, BUT I have a good excuse. We have only just moved into our new house 2 weeks ago, which means hubby, baby and myself lived with my parents while the renovations were taking place. I will save that experience for another post, but I am sure you can imagine what that was like!

When my sister had her daughter almost 3 years ago, she went with a Woodland Creatures theme for her nursery mural and I think it came out great! I come from a very artsy family, so, my parents, sister and I all got together one Sunday afternoon and painted the walls.

Check it out:

karen mural

For my son’s nursery we have painted the walls a nice aqua blue and light gray carpet will be installed on the floors. His crib bedding is light gray and the furniture is all white. I am torn between two options: An island theme, since we live in the Bahamas; I was thinking a pirate ship, a coconut tree, seagulls and the lot…or maybe a safari theme, because he has a toy chest with an elephant on it that I LOVE! (PS: I got that awesome toy chest from Bun In The Oven.)
So, stay tuned to see what I decide to do with his nursery! Can’t wait to share it with you all and thanks for reading!
KK x

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