8 stunning shades of grey room designs

8 stunning shades of grey room designs

The hottest most trendy color of today, it’s the new beige and its taking over as the new chic color of the decade, it really is the new neutral.  No, I’m not an interior designer, I’m a women like most of you that’s in love with home decor, design, bedding, fabric, wallpaper, styling your life!

I like to think I’m in my grey period.  I started with greige (grey and beige color) and have moved on into my grey period.  I used to think that grey was a bit cold, dull and gloomy, but its not at all.  I love how chic the right shade of grey looks when paired with whites and blacks.  Pairing it with those contrasting colors gives it a masculine feel but it’s chic and elegant enough to please the feminine taste.  For me, its the perfect “couples” color combo.  Another really beautiful color that I LOVE with grey is teal or turquoise; it’s that perfect “pop” of color to brighten up any room (check out the teal pillow accents and the window panels in the photos below!)


If you’re not into the grey’s yet, these photos may make you change your mind!  Here are 8 stunning reasons to change your mind about the color grey:

grey 1

grey 2

grey 3

grey 4

grey 8

grey 5

grey 6

grey 7

Did I change your mind yet?  What are your favorite color combos?  Let us know by commenting below!

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