Must Do’s Before the Baby Arrives

Must Do’s Before the Baby Arrives


It’s no secret that having a baby will change your life forever. Let’s face it, you will have to adjust to a “new” normal. No more, spontaneous trips to New York, or last minute dinner plans, everything will revolve around the baby and organization and planning will be key to functioning smoothly. So before your first bundle of joy, or new bundle of joy arrives, here are a few things I recommend that you do (some of which, you may not have the chance to do for a while!)

  1. Read a good book. Most of you will probably be reading everything baby related from the moment you find out you are pregnant. Of course you will want to read about what to expect, how to handle breastfeeding, bed time, teething etc, but do yourself a favor and make the last book you read, something you enjoy, just for you. The last book I read before giving birth to my first child was “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. If you haven’t read his books before, I highly recommend considering this one. It is fantastic.
  1. Get a manicure and pedicure. If your normal treat to yourself on a regular basis is to get your nails done, I definitely recommend making sure you do this before delivering. It will be much harder to get your nails done. Trust me, the nail drying time will stress you out, not to mention if you try to sneak a manicure in by doing it yourself while baby is sleeping-disaster!
  1. Take a babymoon. We all know what a honeymoon is, well there is also something called a babymoon. It is a romantic vacation for you to connect to your partner pre-baby. Not everyone gets to do this, but if you have the opportunity to sneak away for a couple days, this will provide you with a long lasting memory to get you through all of the family vacations in store for you.


  1. Set up the crib. If you have plans to do a full on nursery, it’s a good idea to get all of that out of the way before the baby arrives. If not, the important thing is to make sure the crib, or bassinet is set up with all of the bedding washed.
  1. Pack your hospital bag. This is probably the most important one to make sure you get done in time. The hospital typically gives you a list of items you need to bring and items that you should not bring, like diapers. The thought about trying to get your bag together when you are going in to labor is crazy. You will definitely not be in the right frame of mind to remember all that you need to take, and you don’t need any additional stress. So take your time, plan out your outfit and the babies outfits and have fun with it.


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