Mom’s magic word

Mom’s magic word

Mom’s magic word

We’re all supermoms, right?  Not really.  But it does feels like we take on the world almost everyday.  Between work, homework, soccer, baseball, dance, swimming or whatever other activities your kids are playing, dinner, clean up and goodness know what ever else happens to come up in between.  I think the hardest thing for moms is to find that life-work balance, sweet spot.

Gees, it was hard even before kids, at least for me anyway! And it’s not that we can’t find time for ourselves, because truthfully we all know we can, but somehow we tell ourselves that we don’t need it or that we shouldn’t have it.  Even worse, that maybe if we take the time for ourselves, we should feel guilty about it.  Guilty because there is so much more to be done, or that can be done in our lives.

But we need to STOP.  We need to stop feeling guilty about it, stop putting ourselves last, or the worst-competing with that “Superhero” mom that we all envy.  She’s doesn’t have her shit together either, I can promise you that.  We always think we can do better, that we’re not enough, but the truth is, our goal shouldn’t be perfection.  It’s impossible, unattainable, unachievable, so lets just stop already.  We’re driving ourselves crazy!

There’s always going to be something to do, the list will never be done, because as we complete things, we add more things.  But there’s HOPE! There’s a little secret, a magic word that has the power to set us free.  It’s a tiny little word, but one of the most powerful, if only we would say it, we may be able to live more freely, more on our terms.

It’s up to us, we need to have the courage to take back our self.  Remember her?  Yes, she still exists.  Behind the dark circles, bags, crows feet, sweaty, un-ironed clothes–she lives!  The girl that impressed without ever trying to.  Heck!  She never cared to compare herself or compete with others anyway.  She never worried about taking on the world, or making sure the dishes were always cleaned before bedtime, she was a little reckless, a rebel, she dared to live life on her terms.  Yes!

Where did that girl go?  She’s been pushed to the side for a while, but she can show herself again.  You don’t have to give up on being the best mom to your family either.  It’s not an all or nothing kind of thing.  You just have to agree that you deserve to live fully, to have that life-work balance that has time for you among all of the other items on the list.

So are you ready?  Don’t you think it’s about time? It’s so simple, you just have to say “no,” once in a while.  That tiny, powerful word that stands up to all of the things you don’t need.  Things that will add to your list, but take away from your “self” time.

Listen, the bake sale will go on without your triple chocolate chunk brownies.  You don’t have to sign up for every bake sale, fundraiser, or PTA event.  The kids will survive if they have to eat leftovers a couple nights in a row, the dishes will be fine in the sink until tomorrow morning.

Find your voice and just say, No.  It’s OK to tap out, to pass until the next round.  We’re all guilty of taking on way too much.  It’s not about who’s doing what, it’s about doing what’s best for you.  So take your POWER back.  Find your VOICE.  Get on the bandwagon, and just say, NO to the things that aren’t so important.  Things that are less important than-YOU.

How liberating!  Now what will you do with your time? Leave your thoughts and comments, below 🙂

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