London-style park-ing it at Gladstone

London-style park-ing it at Gladstone

Summer time is a good time to fit in as much kiddie time as possible. Although, 3 months vacation seems a bit too much, in my opinion. Can’t deal with days on end of “I’m bored mommy”.  I mean how many summer programs can you do, and when you do them, they’re still bored!!  It’s a vicious cycle! And as much as I hate it, I must admit, they have their iPads way too much.

This summer, unlike others, we decided to take the kids to Europe for a couple weeks.  They have never been and honestly, I can’t remember the last time we had a real family vacation where we actually left the Bahamas. I know, why leave Paradise, right?  Sometimes you just have to trade sun, sea and sand for a good pub crawl, double-decker buses and theme parks-London-style.

The kids were actually really good on such a long journey, I must admit, I got really lucky.  Maybe it was because I talked to them over and over again about how well behaved the Brits are.  Whatever I said, it must of worked.  At takeoff, my four-year-old said, “let the adventure begin” such a smart cookie for her age! And so our journey began without any wining, crying or fighting. Yup, I was lucky!

Our first outing-the park, Gladstone park to be exact.  It was the park that I spent many summers chasing trains, rolling down hills and catching butterflies with my siblings and mother. Obviously, I was so excited to take my kids there.  It’s in walking distance of where we stay and to walk along the stone sidewalks of London brought back so many fond memories. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been here.

My kids were so exited to run along the hills and through the tall grass.   They did exactly what I used to do, it was so beautiful to watch them.  Climbing trees, catching butterflies and all. What a great day we had together and with my mommy, just like old times.



We haven’t even touched an iPad since we landed! Now that’s a miracle……

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