Live an Awesome life

Live an Awesome life

Live an Awesome life

Ever get the feeling that things move very quickly? That time waits for no one, and you’re just going through the motions of a life you should be much happier with?  What about the principle of living your life, on your terms?  Sure, we all have issues with some part or certain aspects of our lives-things aren’t usually perfect.  But, what if you could learn to live with more peace, and beauty, and less, wasted time, and regret? What if we could all find the time (that we think we don’t have,) and live in the present moments of our lives?  How amazing!

You may be thinking that I have some secret formula to tell you that will just make a huge difference to your life, but no, I don’t have the magic spell to make your life truly amazing, peaceful, present, and full of awesomeness….but apparently, YOU do!  We all do.  And the best part is we can all make changes in our lives that will make the way to have more of the type of life we want.

I started reading this new book called, “You are a Badass”, by Jen Sincero….Whoo hooo hoooo, so friggin’ brilliant…it’s about teaching you principles to live by so that you can have a life that’s awesome; whatever awesome means to you!

First of all, I never have time to read for long periods, and honestly, I lose attention really fast if I can’t get right into the meat of it.  If you’re a busy mom and have the same problem, you have to read this book!  It’s like having an open conversation with a good friend WHO.GETS. IT!  You know the type of friend that you can tell everything to, and they always have the best advice because they just understand you? This book is like having THAT type of friend.

I think we are all looking at how we can get more out of our lives, especially moms that do it all.  So maybe you’re tired of hearing about one more thing you have to learn or do…but really, come on, aren’t we worth it?  What do you have to lose by reading one more book that might make life even sweeter…maybe find 10 minutes everyday to read a few pages of a book you might just LOVE.  It’s a great read….hope you make the time 🙂

What brilliant books are you reading these days?

Love & Hugs,



(Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation to the author or publisher of the book mentioned.  This is not a sponsored post.  These are entirely my opinion.)   

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