Little Mermaid Princess Party {DIY Project}

Little Mermaid Princess Party {DIY Project}

Last month, my baby girl turned 4.  Yes, its taken me a while to post this and part of the reason is maybe I’m coming to terms with the fact that my baby is no longer a baby anymore!  It’s rough to accept how fast time flies and how quickly your kids grow up.  This is the exact reason that most of us really try to enjoy the simple little things in life; the sweet little kisses and hugs, the snuggles, and the “I love you” moments that we get from our children.

In fact, last night I cuddled up with my kids while they slept, I snuggled with them, kissed them and told them I loved them all while they were sleeping.  I don’t do that all the time, but sometimes, when the house is sleeping, I have a moment of gratitude and thankfulness for the little people in my life that I love so much.

Birthday’s in my family are pretty big.  It’s the one day where you can get pretty much anything you want.  I don’t have big lavish parties for my kids every year but when I do have one, I always try to have a theme and do little things to make a big impression on my kids.  Honestly, they don’t care about having a huge party that costs a lot of money. They just want cake, candy and their friends to celebrate.  This year I decided to have Carina’s birthday party at school.  I wanted to have it at school because I knew most of her friends would be there and I could actually get away with having a party for 1 1/2 hours as opposed to 4-5 hours.

Carina is totally into MERMAIDS now.  Gone are the frozen, Elsa days and here are the mermaid princess days.  She told me she wanted a “little mermaid princess party.”  You can imagine the panic as I thought about how I was going to pull all of this off in a 1 1/2 hour party.  But to my surprise, it was easy.  Thank goodness for pre-planning, the internet and Nonna Rosa (my mother) to help. 🙂

We decided to make a costume for her to wear and organize a color coordinated, tablescape.  We decided on fuchsia, turquoise and lime green for the party.  I found a tutorial online of how to make a mermaid costume and added a few of my own touches to it.  I didn’t use the same material, but I used the tutorial as a starting point to give me the general idea of how to do it.

Here’s the link:

After sewing the basic shape of the tail and the tube top I wanted for Carina, I called Nonna Rosa, and she did like Emeril and kicked it up a few notches.  We added shells with glitter, fuchsia tulle, sequence for the outline of the tail, starfish accents and turquoise arm cuffs.

IMG_1542 (533x800)

IMG_1538 (533x800)

IMG_1547 (800x533) (800x533)

IMG_1546 (800x533)

IMG_1543 (800x533)

IMG_1539 (800x533)

IMG_1560 (533x800)

IMG_1561 (800x533)


Carina’s was super excited about her costume, she couldn’t wait to try it on and show her friends.  Oh, and this was a complete labor of love for my mother and I as we stayed up until after midnight to make sure everything was perfect.

Here is how her birthday party turned out.  I must say, it was a blast.  All of the kids had so much fun and a little pre-planning went a long way in getting the tablescape together.  Don’t forget to check out the amazing cupcakes designed and baked by a friend, Tammy Moss.

IMG_1557 (800x533) (800x533)

IMG_1555 (800x533) (800x533)

IMG_1567 (800x533)

IMG_1568 (800x533)

IMG_1565 (533x800)

IMG_1588 (800x533)

IMG_1575 (800x533)

IMG_1576 (800x533)

IMG_1577 (800x533)

IMG_1580 (800x533)

IMG_1586 (800x533)

IMG_1585 (800x533) IMG_1581 (800x533)

IMG_1593 (800x533)

IMG_1597 (800x533)IMG_1599 (800x533)

IMG_1607 (800x533) IMG_1609 (800x533)

IMG_1613 (800x533)

IMG_1591 (533x800)

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