Lemons for Lemonade

Lemons for Lemonade

We’ve all heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,” a saying that means so much more than lemons or lemonade; a saying that means that whatever life happens to throw at you, find a unique purpose for it, turn it from boring into fabulous, from bitter into sweet. It signifies that life won’t always go as planned, but make the best out of a bad situation anyway-how true is that!
In life you have to adjust to the direction of the wind, ride that wave and be creative with situations. Mothers tend to be great masters of this rule. They have the ability to get things done, and adjust as need be. Plan A, B, C & D. Take a toddler for instance, they want to move and get into everything they can. Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen a toddler walking up and down the aisles, greeting people and babbling along their way. I’m sure you noticed the agile mother running behind them making sure that they don’t bother too many people or endanger themselves. Then at the table with the little one, that mom is ready with her bag of “distractions” to keep her little one entertained so that dinner can go on as planned. Of course, there are some dads that have learned this concept (most likely from a women, but we won’t go there.)
I think women have always been the leaders in innovation, resilience and thriftiness. They, for some reason, are born with the ability to make things work, make them happen, to fix things and get the job done. I’m sure some of you, like me, have had grandmothers that could feed 12 kids with a loaf of bread and a jar of homemade guava jam, on a penny budget- I might add. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to make this into a competition with men, and I’m not for one second saying that women are superior than men, but there are some things that women are just naturally good at, because they have to be. I think you can agree with me there, right guys!
When I was young, when the electricity would go out, my mom would invent games for us to play, in the dark, with our flash lights. Since there were four of us growing up, she had to be seriously creative so that all of us, with our different likes and personalities would find fun and enjoyment in it, and she did. She even wrote songs for us to sing because we were scared of the dark and gave us pots and pans to use as instruments.
Have you ever tried to make a recipe and didn’t have all of the exact ingredients, so you had to improvise? Maybe the new and improved recipe creation turned out even better than the original. Isn’t it funny that just when we think we’ve got a bad situation, the wrong ingredients, or lemons in life, with a little creativity and innovation, we can turn something bad into something really good? The next time you’re faced with a lemon, make lemonade, or call you mother, she can help you create something pretty spectacular.

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