Lazy Sunday FUN day- In the Garden

Lazy Sunday FUN day- In the Garden

In this busy world, sometimes we forget that it’s really, really nice not to be busy.  In fact, when you start paying attention to the simple, everyday beauty around you, you can learn and appreciate things that you never did before.

Time with my family is invaluable to me.  I work a lot, probably more than I should, so every once in a while I give myself the gift of doing NOTHING.  Nothing work related anyway!  On Sunday, I did just that, I had a lazy Sunday afternoon that turned out to be about discovery and fun with the kids.

Here’s what I discovered….

I have so many beautiful things in my garden!  My purple orchid is still blooming….its been blooming for months but, for the first time in a long time, I got to take a good look at all its magnificence!!

IMG_1308 IMG_1306 IMG_1309

Doesn’t this just make you smile?  It makes me smile so much because I DO NOT have a green thumb, and I never touch this.  I just stuck it on my tree, and it comes out every once in a while to let me know she still has the power to bask in her grace and beauty.

IMG_1321These are the buds on my mango tree! I LOVE mangos and I’m so excited to see these little buds starting to do their thing.  This summer, they’ll be as sweet as ever.

IMG_1317I found another blooming beauty in my garden, and guess what?  I don’t touch her either….think there is a pattern here. LOL.


I even have bananas!!  I have SO many bananas that my freezer is full of puree to make banana pancakes (my favorite) and banana bread.  I didn’t tell you, but I also have a cherry tree that bears fruit a few times a year.

So here’s what I’ve learned from my day in my garden, one of the places I visit the least, which I should probably change, but then again maybe not!  I haven’t done a thing in my beautiful garden and its very obvious, it’s thriving.  Maybe their trying to tell me to just look and admire.  Well…I’m ok with that!  I’ll admire from a distance, and take part in the amazing fruit they bear for me.

Love & Hugs,


Ps.  What were the kids doing, you wonder?  They were having fun watching me in the garden, taking a million pictures of them and everything alive.  Here they are, just enjoying the day:

Carina butterfly shirt 2     IMG_1316

My little helper!  She looked and discovered all the flowers and trees, too.  LOL.  The second photo was her telling me enough pictures already!

IMG_1328  IMG_1329

He made a futuristic jet!!!  He’s so proud of his inventions.

  • Charlene Barry
    Posted at 12:29h, 23 April Reply

    Beautiful Pictures! We must always take good care of the world it is a gift from God.

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