Karen Knowles



Hi everyone! My name is Karen and this is my first experience as a blogger, however I am a big fan of mommy blogs now that I am a new mom! I had my first baby, Vincent, on December 18th, 2014, and my husband and I have enjoyed every waking (yes there’s a lot of waking involved) second of being new parents. The experience has been incredible so far and we love watching Vinny grow and thrive!


I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas and this is where we currently live. I am a business owner, entrepreneur if you will. I love the challenge of juggling my fulfilling career with being a mom, I feel both jobs complete me in many ways and I am very proud of both these achievements.


I am a DIY mom; I love my pinterest and will always have weekend projects to do. I got my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts so I have a very artistic mind and I am always looking for ways to create. I enjoy gardening and cooking too, but give me a paintbrush and I will be one happy girl!


Living on an island gives me endless inspiration, so look out for my DIY project posts and follow us to see what I come up with next!


KK x





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