Homemade peppermint bundles

Homemade peppermint bundles

Homemade peppermint bundles

This Christmas I wanted to give gifts that were extra special and made with a whole lot of love!  I decided that the best way I could do that would be to make or bake something.  I’m obsessed with PEPPERMINT this Christmas.  It’s my Christmas favor and scent this year.  Almost everything I decided to make has a hint of peppermint in it. My house smelled amazing!

So here’s what I decided to make:

  • homemade peppermint marshmellows
  • peppermint hot chocolate
  • peppermint sugar scrub (not for eating)
  • walnut, chocolate-chip, oatmeal, coconut chunk cookies (no peppermint in this one)

I made the marshmallows first.  I thought it was going to be more of a pain to make than it actually was.  I will say that you absolutely NEED a mixer and a candy thermometer to make these with ease.




This was the fun part.  After you pour the mixture in your already greased glass pan, you dab 8-10 drops of red coloring in a random pattern on the mixture and then take a knife and make a marbled pattern on top.

Check out the entire recipe here


My peppermint hot chocolate was made in the mixer as well.  It makes it easier to mix as the mixer is quite large in volume.  Here is what my (already packaged) hot chocolate looked like.  Get the recipe here.

Tip:  I added 8 hard crushed peppermint candies, instead of three like the recipe calls for.  Add however many you like.


My cookies dough was made the night before and left in the fridge overnight.  I really like to do that because it saves me lots of time and clean up.  I added walnuts but you can also make then nut-free for the kids.


Check out the recipe here!

The mint scrub was super easy.  It literally takes a few minutes and looks super cute.  I like to put it in a jar in the bathroom with a scoop so that you can use as a hand scrub.  It smells really minty and I love the organic coconut oil in it.  I decided to put in in little mason jars as a part of my bundles.  If you decide to make this, REMEMBER to tell your giftee’s that it is NOT edible.


It’s Christmas eve, but there’s still time to try making a homemade bundle! Love how these turned out.



Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!  What are you making this Christmas?  Post your comments below 🙂

Love & Hugs,


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