Get rid of the Mommy Guilt, and take time for you!

Get rid of the Mommy Guilt, and take time for you!

mommy-guiltIn today’s world, knowing how to juggle life’s responsibilities is the key to success (depending on your definition, of course)in life. Mothering and parenting has definitely changed from our parents and grand-parents generations. In this day and age, most households have both the mother and father in the work place. Gone are the days of the happy home maker and domestic goddesses. We have a huge amount of responsibility today. Technology has flung us, fast forward, into a world where time is money and the early bird gets the worm.  We have become more efficient in a much shorter time period, leveling the playing field, and allowing the fastest, strongest and most connected companies and persons to rise to the top. Let’s face it, with connections worldwide, and endless possibilities, we have very little time to sit down, relax, have a cup of tea and parent the old fashion way or maybe even make a home-made meal for the family.

265008759292834779_ZVHW6I6o_fThere are some superhero wives and mothers that manage to have a demanding job, run a household, be a mother and wife ever so gracefully. But, even those woman that have managed to do-it-all, need a break sometimes. Of course, whenever we think about taking time for ourselves, we just as quickly start talking ourselves out of it; finding every reason why we shouldn’t, or can’t. The reality is, we need to do so much planning and organizing to accomplish just a little “me” time, that it feels like it may not be worth it, but it is definitely worth it! Ok so, one more thing to organize, and jot down in our planners . Taking time for you , should be just as important as soccer games, music lessons, and PTA meetings. It will take some adjusting to, but you will be a better mother, and wife if you see the value in taking an hour a week (or every two weeks, for those of you that have just poo poo’d this idea) to focus on you. A simple walk, a good book or a visit to the beach can re-align, inspire and rejuvenate you.

I am a mother of two (one that is in the terrible two’s right now), wife and I work harder than any normal person should (like you too) and I have realized that I can be my best, if I invest, in me. You’ve heard the saying if “if mamma isn’t happy, no one is” –well it’s true! Take the time to treat yourself and “do you.” As much as you’re not used to it, and even feel guilty for it, get over it and just take a few minutes to reconnect with your inner self. You will be glad you did, and so will everyone else!


Love & Hugs!


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