Fun Summer Activities to do with the kids

Fun Summer Activities to do with the Kids

Fun Summer Activities to do with the kids

Fun Summer Activities to do with the kids

The heat, warm breeze, and bright skies all signal SUMMER IS HERE!  The kids are out of school; bring on the summer vacay 🙂 Whoo Hoo

I think parents generally fall into two categories:

1- They’re just as excited as the kids for summer, and can’t wait to dive in


2- They dread the “I’m so board” comments and aren’t too keen on figuring out what to do

Luckily, this blog post is for BOTH- Awesome!

Fun Summer Activities to do with the kids–Indoor and Outdoor!

-Paint a wall mural

You can do this inside or outside.  All you need is a roll of white or brown kraft paper OR whatever paper you have.  Poster board would also work well.  Find your wall and cover it with the paper.  You can do the whole wall or just a chair rail size application.  Then let the kids paint & decorate it for the summer. For a more permanent art space, try chalkboard paint

-Make Frozen Pops

This is a great way to get your kids to eat more fruit.  It feels like junk food but it’s healthy, so there is no mommy guilt!  Use any fruit in season or any fruit that your kids like, blend it in a blender with coconut water or juice and TA DA-DONE!  Here’s a super simple YUMMY one to try

-Build an airport and have a flying plane race

This is so much fun for the kids!  If you know how to make paper planes, this is awesome (if you don’t know how to make paper planes-click here!)

Start making the paper planes, you’ll need 3 per person.  Once finished, have them color and decorate the planes, ask them to pick names for them and number them.  After they’re are all decorated, have them line the planes up, and let the flying plane race begin.  You can make it more exciting by having a treat bag.  Whoever wins overall, gets the bag!  After the race, they can use them to play airport.

-Make lemonade for a lemonade stand

This one is a classic.  You can make the standard lemon, sugar, water one or you can kick it up a notch and add strawberries and mint!  Is it still a $1 for lemonade?

-Fly a kite

Get outside with a kite.  If you pick a hill or elevated place, you’ll most likely find a breeze any sunny day.  You want make sure you get a sturdy kite, not the flimsy ones (or you’re likely to have lots of tears)  This is a cool looking one!

-Go to the beach

There are tons of things to do at the beach besides, swim.  You can build sandcastles, look for shells (and paint them later- YES) play football, or beach soccer.  The possibilities are endless- who gets tired of going to the beach? No kid I ever met 🙂

-Chalk drawings on the pavement

This is cool because it  will wash away, no clean up needed.  Just make sure that you get lots of colors! You can even draw games like tic-tac-toe or hop scotch.

-Have a Movie & Popcorn night

My kids love movie night!  We all agree on the movie (yea, right!) and after dinner, we sit down together as a family and watch the movie.  Speaking of movies, I can’t wait to watch this!

-Bake cupcakes and let the kids decorate them

If your kids are like my kids, they love this, but ALWAYS fight over who’s going to lick the spoon!  Does this happen in your house, too?  Just get two spoons or spatulas. I prefer to ice my cupcakes with the back of a spoon- I might be weird!

-Go Camping (in your backyard)

My kids are too scared to go camping for real-real, so we’ve always gone “camping” in our backyard.  The kids get to feel safe and if they want to abort mission, they can.  And Mommy & Daddy get to sleep in a comfy duvet and pillows- 10 points for Mommy & Daddy! So get out your sleeping bags and pitch that tent.  Maybe order pizza for the kids that night and they can eat it in their camping tent!

Whatever you do this summer, have fun with it!  Force your kids to use their imagination and get creative with the world around them.  There’s so much to explore.

Happy SUMMER Ya’ll 🙂 🙂

Love & Hugs,



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