Five Fun FREE Activities to do With Your Toddler

Five Fun FREE Activities to do With Your Toddler

Five Fun FREE Activities to do With Your Toddler

  1. Playing with the Hose!

Toddlers love to be outside and playing with their bath toys in the grass with the garden hose, but make sure you test the temperature of the water before you spray your baby.  The temperature in a hose can get well into the 100’s F and scald your baby, so make sure it gets cool while the water flows before handing it over to him. Pump up the play time by adding bubbles, a cool sprinkler for him to run through and don’t forget the sunblock!

hose play

2.  Stacking Cups!

We all have those stacks of solo cups left over from last year’s family BBQ, so bring them out and let the kids go to town!  My son could stack and un-stack these plastic cups for hours on end!

cups play

3. Digging Around!

 Find a flat container (I used a clean litter box but a large foot soak container or storage bin would work too) and create your own sandbox.  Fill with your toddler’s favorite toys and then cover them up with sand. Give him a shovel and let him dig around to find the treasure!


4. Homemade Playdough!

Made with ingredients found right in your kitchen, make this fun playdough right at home in a few easy steps. Your toddler will have so much fun molding it!


5. Bucket Toss!

Grab some buckets or beach pails and balls or even clothes pins, and let your toddler go to town.  Let them discover cause and effect by hearing the different sounds that different objects make when the get tossed into the buckets.

bucket toss




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