Fearless Explorers-Baby proofing your home!

Fearless Explorers-Baby proofing your home!

As your baby transitions from baby to toddler, be prepared for lots of tumbles, bumps and bruises.  It’s a part of a baby exploring their environment and the world around them.  They are in essence, fearless explorers.  This is a very busy period for most parents.  Gone are the days where you can sit and watch your baby happily playing on a blanket with a few toys or eating cheerios, amusing themselves while you scurry to cook dinner.  They have now discovered movement and motion and make it their mission to become mobile as fast as possible.  Although it is beautiful to watch your child learn and experience life through their innocent eyes and inquisitive minds, you must be aware of the potential hazards our world provides them, as a result, baby proofing your home is essential to keeping your baby as safe as possible.

Invest in electrical wall plugs.  These are simple plastic pugs that are inserted in the electrical outlet to block it, in order to prevent your baby from putting objects, their finger, tongue or anything else their little minds conceive of.  They are very cost effective and come in packs of 6 or more.  You can find them in clear and white typically, so they won’t present a interior fashion faux par.  You wouldn’t want anything bright and colorful as this may draw your toddler to it.

Glass objects and tables corners may seem innocent, but in the toddler’s world, they are hazards.  Their little fingers move faster than you can imagine.  They will try to touch, feel, and climb any and everything.  They are developing their sensory skills which is necessary to their development.  Safe sensory play can be done quite easily in many other ways.  I suggest you move all of your breakable objects out of your baby’s reach and sight.  In addition, making your table edges safe for baby is very important.  Given that tables and coffee table edges are typically quite low to the ground, when babies tumble, and lose their balance, it can put them right in the line of one of those corners.  I’ve see some people attempt to tape up the corners of the tables, but this can ruin your table’s finish.  These days you can get corner guards, which adhere to the corners of both the table and the coffee table.  They have tape adhesive and won’t ruin your table’s finish.  They also come in a selection of colors to match to your table.

Bath time can be so much fun for your kiddies, but as they get older they want to stand up, and jump around and they can slip.  I definitely recommend an anti-slip bath mat and a faucet protector.  The bath mat can prevent your child from sliding when standing.  If you don’t want a bath mat, you can opt for the stickers that stick on the bottom of the shower or bath tub that do the same thing.  Additionally, a faucet protector is a guard that goes over the faucet spout and acts like a cushion, preventing your child from injuring their head, face or body in the event that they fall in the tub.  I know a place where you can get a really nice, yellow duck faucet protector!  They’re super cute.

This time in your child’s life is a rite of passage.  They’re going to fall, get bumps and bruises; it’s a part of growing and learning to walk.  Do your part to make their world as safe as possible, and never leave your baby unattended and out of your sight, they get into things we can’t even imagine.  Happy baby proofing!

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