FAVOURITE APPS for the Savvy Mom

FAVOURITE APPS for the Savvy Mom

I’m a pretty tech-savvy mom, so I wanted to share my favourite “mom” apps that I’ve used, from the day I found out I was pregnant to now.  These are all free apps (except for The Wonder Weeks).  They are in order of timeline (from pregnancy onwards) not in order of rank.

I have an android, so I know these are all available in the Google Play Store; however I think most, if not all, are also available for iPhones.


my calendar  My Calendar: This app tracks your period and lets you know approximately when you are ovulating and the    best times to try to get pregnant. You can also record symptoms you experience, etc.


im expecting   I’m Expecting: Once you have conceived, get this app. You enter in your due date and it tracks everything, day to day. Every week you get a detailed update on what your baby looks like, what organs are developing at that time, and what you can expect to happen to your body. It even has informative videos, a handy Q&A section and a weight tracker.

my pregnancyMy Pregnancy: Practically every Mom and Mom-To-Be knows about babycenter.com, a fantastic online resource. Their My Pregnancy app is great. You can record Bumpie pics, and every day you get a new tid-bit of info about you and how your baby is growing. They have great photos and videos too.

baby daybook Baby Daybook: Download this app while you’re getting stitched up at the hospital after delivery! This app is  my bible, especially with a newborn! You can record every feeding (and on which boob if breastfeeding),  every diaper change, nap, bath time, tummy time, when you last pumped, last gave medicine/took temperature, etc. I press stop/start every time I get up with him in the night too. In the morning I can look back and see what kind of trend we’re going through. So helpful!

my baby  My Baby: After your baby is born you graduate to the My Baby app from babycenter.com. It’s the same idea   as the pregnancy app: daily tid-bits and cool videos to watch.  I love checking mine every day just to read up   on what to expect with my baby’s development and other useful information. It has many other cool features too.

pingmd  PingMD: If you have a tech savvy Pediatrician like I do, download PingMD.  My pediatrician told us about it   at our first appointment after our baby was born. You set up your account, search and add your Dr. and  then you can ping your Doc at any time.  You can send him/her a picture of your concern and a question.  He will respond and put your mind at ease!

wonder weeks The Wonder Weeks: Based on years of research, this app provides you with the knowledge you need to get through every growth spurt and transition your baby will go through. It pinpoints signs to look out for and help on how to guide your baby through every transitional leap.

Hope this was helpful for all you Moms and Moms-to-be!


(Post by: Karen Knowles)

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