Fairy Princess Party Theme Decor-DIY

Fairy Princess Party Theme Decor-DIY

Fairy Princess Party Theme Decor- DIY

Last year for my daughter’s 4th birthday, she wanted a Mermaid Princess themed birthday party.  We made her a perfect little Mermaid Princess costume and she had so much fun with her friends.  This year, although she is still obsessed with Mermaids, she wanted a Fairy Princess Party.  She’s not that cookie cutter type of girl, and she was a little peeved that all the things we found for Fairy Princesses were centered around Tinkerbell.  She likes Tinkerbell, but obviously she had more in mind for her Fairy party.

So we went to the drawing board and decided that a true fairy party would be filled with flowers, butterflies, fairy wings and pixie dust.  We invited 15 of her school girl friends and asked that they bring their favorite Princess costume, a pair of fairy wings, and all the pixie dust they could find.  This party was going to be MAGICAL….

What you'll need_

For the main table, I wanted something with height and lots of color.  I wanted it to feel like the girls were tiny fairies among the great big flowers, so I needed really large flower pieces.


We came up with two very colorful, oversized arrangements that will be perfect for the table centerpieces.

After selecting the flowers with varying heights, we cut and bent them to fit in our long white vase.



We then cut pieces of tulle fabric to fit around the top of the vases


We tied the tulle color around the top of the vase, leaving longer pieces on either side


We then cut some lace fabric to match the size of the top of the vase and secured the fabric with a hot glue gun



We bought a few butterflies to fasten onto the top of the vase, on the fabric part.  The butterflies had an alligator clip on the back which made it super easy to attach.  If yours doesn’t have a clip, then you can just hot glue it.

IMG_3231 IMG_3242

Once we added the butterflies, we finished the arrangement.

IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3245

Are you making anything cool this week?  Let us know your thoughts on our Fairy Princess flower centerpieces in the comments below!  🙂

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