DIY Project- Operation Turquoise Door

DIY Project- Operation Turquoise Door

I have wanted to paint my door for what feels like, years!!  I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for me, deciding on a color was super frustrating and even more, getting my husband on the same color page as me, was a major challenge. After months of pondering and pinterest-ing, I found a blog post that had instructions on a DIY turquoise and brown glaze door.  Immediately, I fell in love, and most importantly, my husband loves turquoise, making it an easy sell.

Here is the inspiration behind the door:

This door had several things I love:  it’s a bright color, it compliments the yellow color of my home, it gives a visual textured look, it’s rustic and antique looking  (which matches perfectly with the “antique-looking” door hardware that has been on the door for probably, 15 years.)  My porch pendant light is also an antique brown finish which matches perfectly.

Here is the before picture:


Yes, the door was in terrible shape!  See those grey spots in the left corner, that’s mildew that once killed, stained the door, ughhhhh!  To combat the mildew problem, I used a mildew prevention primer.  I painted the door with one coat of primer, then two coats of turquoise paint in Sherwin Williams-Nifty Turquoise (like the original blog post noted).  I then mixed 4 parts extender to 1 part brown paint.  You can use what ever shade of brown you like.  I went with a deep-toned brown.  It won’t come out as dark as the paint because you are using the extender to turn it into a glaze, so don’t be afraid to use a beautiful deep shade of brown.





Here are the products I used.  To blend and apply the glaze, I used the foam brushes.  The instructions in the blog says they used a cloth or sponge.  I tried both of those and found it much easier with the foam brushes to get the streaks in the paint, which gives it a wood vibe.





This was actually the first D.I.Y project my husband (pictured) and I did together!  It went very well and now that I know we can actually do these things together, there will be more!  LOL  One down, thousands to go!

Drummmmm Roll… is the finished (ok, still wet) door.  It dried with more of a mat finish than it appears in the photo.  I am so happy with it.  I think it turned out just like the examples in the original post!  I must say, I love turning through my corner and getting a look at my new door.  Such a statement, I just love it.  The only thing better than this door, is to have this door, on my future beach bungalow.


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