Designing the Nursery-Cute & Trendy Nursery decor

Designing the Nursery-Cute & Trendy Nursery decor

Designing the Nursery-Cute & Trendy Nursery decor

Any designer will tell you that a room’s decor and accessories are very important for adding character and personality to a space.  For a new mom, decorating the nursery is a lot of fun.  But first, deciding on a theme can be challenging.  Lots of people are decorating their baby nursery in gender neutral tones and colors.  Grey’s and neutrals seem to be king when it comes to gender neutral nurseries.  Pattern and texture also play a star role.

I thought it would be fun to share some baby nursery accessories that can be used for a boy or a girl (well, most of them anyway)

I love you more wall art


Got a thing for animals?  Hang these up…


Little deers to mesmerize your baby

dear mobile

Stay on your path with a little help!


Wall art on a budget!

My Fav:  “The force is strong with this one”  Love it!  Which is your fav?


You got to have something comfy, right!?


Cutest little prints!


Let them EXPLORE the world around them


Who doesn’t want these!?


Hand crafted animal dividers  for your baby closet


These cute little touches will make your baby room feel complete.  Whatever theme you go with, don’t forget the final touches, not only do they pull the space together, but many of the accents you choose can be kept for sentimental value long after they out-grow the space.  The custom pillow for example can grow with your baby and the mason jars with the flowers can be re-purposed in another area of the home, like a home office.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your baby’s room decor either.  A lot of things can be DIY projects that you can customize to suit your theme.  Have fun with the space, and make it your own, you will be in your baby’s room a lot so make it somewhere that you enjoy too!

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