Decking the Halls on a Mamma’s Budget

Decking the Halls on a Mamma’s Budget

Decking the Halls on a Mamma’s Budget

This Christmas, I have a very active 1 year old, and it was time to decorate with that in mind. I also had budget in mind, and found a fun, creative way to decorate my tree with limited ornaments for my son to pull down. Limited ornaments ALSO means friendly on the wallet 🙂

Frosty the Snowman Tree

What you will need to cover a 6ft tree:

1 Red Scarf

4 Large red ornaments

1 roll of white mesh organza

1 8-10” diameter Styrofoam ball

1 top hat (if you can’t find one, you can make one out of cardboard and black felt like I did)

Black and Orange felt

1 empty toilet paper roll

White fabric and stuffing

Hot glue gun

Step 1: Snowman head. I dug out a hole for the tree branch to stick into, covered the Styrofoam ball with stuffing and then wrapped it with the white fabric. I gathered all the fabric in the base of the neck and tied with a hair tie, which the scarf will cover, and then cut a hole where my branch will need access.

Step 2: I then cut out 8 small circles in the black felt, and applied with a hot glue gun to the face.

Step 3: The nose was made from an empty toilet paper roll, cut and rolled into the triangle shape, then covered in orange felt with a hot glue gun.

Step 4: String your lights, wrap your tree in the organza, and decorate with red “buttons”. Then top your tree with your snowman head and top hat!

Step 5: Finishing touch is the red scarf, giving the snowman a neck and covering up your gathered fabric. You can also add two tree branches from your yard for arms.

As an added BONUS, I used my old ornaments from previous years to make my dining room centerpiece, and to decorate a $12 plain wreath 🙂



Happy Holidays!

KK x

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