Coffee Table Styling- Tips to re-purpose what you already have

Coffee Table Styling- Tips to re-purpose what you already have

I love a beautiful, clean and organized home with mix and match colors and decor, lots of family photos, wall art, accent pillows, accent anything really….tons of storage and everything in it’s proper place…yeah right, who am I kidding, I’ve got kids and my idea of perfection is not the same idea that they have.  Sure you can “pretty up” certain areas of your home, but your going to have to get used to toys and books pretty much EVERYWHERE, and that’s O.K, they’re only young for just a moment.  I’m sure we’ll all miss those toy-filled, cookie crumb all-over-the-place days….so let them be kids.

It’s fun to add some style to your life, albeit in the smallest areas.  I mean who can take looking at all those gorgeous magazines with the picture perfect everything….and not wish to have some small part of “style” in your life.  For some reason bookshelves, coffee tables and entrances are my favorite things to explore.  They’re so much fun to look at and you can really tell someone’s personality by looking at the things they cherish the most.  Pictures on the wall, bookshelves filled with beautiful stuff and pretty books really tells a lot about a person.

I decided to “style” my coffee tables recently.  I was board with having a few picture frames or candles sitting all by themselves on my ever-so-dull coffee tables.  I did a little digging to find out what real “experts” said about where to begin and I came up with a few key points that were synonymous with the how-to-style your life advice.

So hear it goes, my advice to you on how to make small but significant changes to the home around you.

  • Find some really cool and unique items that you really like, and use them
  • You don’t need to go out an spend a ton of money, you can find a lot of things around your own home and re-purpose them
  • Dig out those serving trays, dust them off and clean them or paint them to give them new life
  • Candles, picture frames and odd or uniquely shaped items add dimension to your display, use them.
  • Varying the heights of the items you choose to use
  • Stack books that you like and that tell about your personality.  If you’re not interested in “Quantum Physics”, don’t put a book about it on your table
  • Add textured surfaces to make it interesting

Here’s how my coffee tables turned out….

coffee table image 1

I love fresh flowers!!  I added some here to freshen up the look.  They didn’t last for long, but it was good while it lasted.  Once they died, I replaced them with a diffuser.  I replaced the shells with the star fish to add more texture….I love my starfish 🙂

Coffee table image 2

I found this old swirly votive candle holder that I thought was very interesting.  I’ve had it for years sitting in a cupboard patiently waiting to be re-discovered…It’s pretty funky and I love it!  I left it all rustic looking and not so new, looks a little antique-like don’t you think?

Coffee table image 3

New Vase meets faux flowers!  O.K. so I did buy one item….the pretty cool looking vase.  It was on sale 50% off….come on, you know I couldn’t leave it calling my name!  Oh, and more starfish and shells I had lying around.  When you live on an island, you tend to collect shells, it’s pretty much a given that everyone has shells somewhere in their home.  I just put them on display.  Most of them, I actually found on the beach….some of them were bought, but not this tanned beauty.  My son found it for me!  Just one of the many, many, many reasons I love him so much.

coffee table image 4

My sweet starfish again…..I just love him!

Hope this was helpful and inspires you to try it in your home.

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