Christina Turner


Hi everyone,


My name is Christina Turner but I have always been Tina to my friends and family. Since my second marriage, however, that makes me “Tina Turner”! I have been torn between avoiding it like the plague and just going with it 🙂


I am a homeschool mom to my 13 year old daughter, Madison, and my 14 year old step-son, Marco. We have been homeschoolers for the past 5 years. I am a passionate believer in homeschooling so don’t be surprised if my blogs push the choice just a little 🙂


I am also passionate about homesteading, including growing our own vegetables, keeping hens for eggs and raising our own meat. A combination of my kids’ interest in animals and assorted negative experiences over the years with mainstream medicine have turned me into somewhat of a “natural mama”. We do organic everything, farm, use natural remedies and herbal medicines and spend most of our time outdoors tending our flocks, riding our horse and also sailing.


christina-sonagramWe actually live on our boat in the Bahamas right now – a 72ft wooden schooner named Keewatin. Living on a boat is sometimes exactly as romantic as it sounds. Right now, however, I am expecting a baby in a couple of months and the romance aspect is wearing off! More on that later.


I have blogged about homeschooling my kids for years and hope I can be helpful – or even just entertaining 😉 – here.






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