Celebrate the little things, celebrate the big things, celebrate anything!

Celebrate the little things, celebrate the big things, celebrate anything!

Sometimes things happen in life which make you stop, look around, and realize that life is really just a magical journey oftentimes filled with sweet memories of good times with family and friends. Life is not perfect, it’s not even easy, but it is sweet and if you think really hard…you’ll come up with many examples that make it so. I had a moment recently that reminded me that life is short, and as much as I realize that life is magical, there is always this subtle reminder of its transience. Years pass in the blink of an eye and before you know it you’re reminiscing about something that happened 10 years ago…though it may seem like only a few months ago. Everyone has a sweet memory of a celebration they were a part of, it could be from last week, last month, or last year. Celebrations are some of the happiest times in a person’s life. Why then do we wait for the big things to happen to celebrate? Why not create any excuse to celebrate? A child’s first painting, a child’s good grades on a report card, a successful attempt by that same child to make the bed or do other chores…or in my case a birthday. My puppy Molly’s birthday to be exact.

Over the weekend I decided to celebrate Molly and her sister Sophie (whose “mamma” is my cousin) as they turned one year old. I invited a few friends, baked some “pupcakes” with the help of my niece Carina and planned to spoil my little rambunctious 4-legged friend all day. Before our guests arrived with the other “birthday girl” Carina and I baked delicious, healthy, all natural “pupcakes” fashioned after a recipe I found on Pinterest. I madly searched all morning to find one that was safe for dogs and maybe could also be consumed by a hungry human or two. Success. Enter the Carrot Peanut Butter “Pupcake”. As Carina and I baked, Molly was enjoying being spoiled with laying on the couch (which she is not usually allowed to do) and devouring many treats in between being entertained by my niece and nephew who are some of her favourite people in the whole world. Once all of the guests arrived, we lit candles on a pupcake for each little lady, sang happy birthday, blew the candles out and let them go to town on their little treats. As I looked around at the group gathered I couldn’t help but think that little celebrations (even silly ones like a dog’s first birthday) are so very worth it. Everyone was smiling and happy and seemed carefree. All from a little celebration. So celebrate the big things, the small things and yes, even the silly things. Celebrations are important and they are so much fun too!

Here’s some photos of Carina and I making the pupcakes! I iced mine with a mixture of plain Greek yogurt, peanut butter and a touch of raw honey. I put very little icing on the birthday girls’ cakes so they wouldn’t have any tummy issues from the dairy and I decorated them with dog treats on top. I hope you love them as much as we did!









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Here is the URL for the pupcake recipe:



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