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05 Mar Essential must-have items for any mom

Essential must-have items for any mom There are a lot of infant and maternity products on the market that all claim to be must have items, but not all of it is true.  In fact, you may be surprised that some items that you thought you didn't need end up being complete life savers.  Here are a few essential must-have items for any mom from a relatively seasoned mama.   Functional & Fashionable Diaper bag is a must!  OK, I just threw in the fashionable part because that's kind of essential to me, but if you prefer practicality over looks, all power to you.  Some super thrifty mamas might disagree with me here, but I can't stand clutter and unorganized mess.  I'm not saying I'm a perfect Martha Stewart, but there's something to gain mentally by having a neat and organized diaper bag; a place where you can have harmony amidst occasional chaos....

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30 Jan Trends that are keepers for 2017

Trends that are keepers for 2017 The world has changed over the last decade or so, the way we think and choose to raise our kids, the ideals we subscribe to, and the things we value as important have somewhat changed as well.  I often wonder if there has been another time period in life in which the world changed at a faster speed.  Don't forget that it was just 10 years ago that Apple launched its smart phone, and just a mere 7 years ago that Pinterest launched.  Can you imagine a life without smart phones and Pinterest?  Yeah, me neither.  Some might argue that we've all become socially antisocial.  Whatever side you fall on in respect to the technology subject, there are a few trends nowadays that may seem to point out that simplified views on living are alive and well.   Here are a few trends for 2017 according to...

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12 Dec Stress-Free Christmas

Stress-Free Christmas It's hard to believe that another year has come, and almost gone.  For me, this year has definitely been a blur.  The most wonderful time of the year is well in gear, and it's hard for most of us to learn to relax and enjoy the moment.  It's the enjoy part, that is really important. With all that our lives have going on, trying to keep up in a world that seems light years ahead, how do you make sure that you take time for you, and learn to sit back and smell the roses? A good friend once cautioned me to take time out of my life to enjoy all its beauty.   The beauty of watching my children learn and grow and the beauty of being a part of this beautiful world, and all its magnificent wonder.  It's hard to do that when you are full speed ahead on...

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01 Dec 5 new Christmas traditions to try

5 new Christmas traditions to try The holidays are all about family and traditions.  Every family and culture has their own unique traditions that they hold dear.  I have a big family and there are a few things we do every year without fail, most of which involve eating and of course a little drinking.  The kids love all of the sweets and chocolate, the things they have to normally do special things to get are available at their fingertips all holiday long.  Eggnog which they call, Christmas milk, and hot chocolate are some of their favorite drinks.  And bashfully, I admit that I'm one of those nauseating people that usually put up their Christmas tree the week after Halloween!  I really can't get enough of the lights and all the Christmas flare. I've been searching for a few new Christmas traditions to incorporate this year with my family.  I think its...

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14 Nov How Happy People Stay Happy

How Happy People Stay Happy Sometimes happy people get a bad rap.  They're considered the eternal optimists, and aren't able to see the world for how it really is, and are therefore not essentially capable of seeing or thinking realistically.  I think we can agree that most of that thinking is rubbish considering that happiness is for the most part, a choice.  During the holidays, many people go through the Holiday Blues for several reasons.  But there may be a few things you can do and practice to try and keep calm and happy. Having one bad day doesn't mean all is lost.  We're human, right?  Humans are complicated and life is complicated.  There's going to be many things along the way that come up and threaten our happiness.  If you're not feeling it one day, remember that tomorrow is a new day and full of possibilities, and that means you get...

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24 Oct Happy Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall Ya'll There are a several key times in the year that make me super excited.  And if you're anything like me, you may concur with these dates.  Naturally, we'll start by mentioning the beginning of the year,  just before Easter, the start of summer when it's not extremely hot,  but the breeze lets you know its beach time, and right now, as we approach Christmas; in the fall season when the breeze changes to a cooler temperature and you can almost smell the cinnamon in the air.  This is my fun season.  Christmas will sneak up faster than you think.  Can you believe there's only 68 more days left in 2016! Since this weekend is Halloween, I thought you might like a few Halloween Must Do's: Watch a Halloween Movie- Many networks have launched their lineup for Halloween, with their regular shows adding some Halloween flare, to offering the classic Halloween...

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