Before having children-the truth about becoming a mother

Before having children-the truth about becoming a mother

Before having children-the truth about becoming a mother

Becoming a mother is one of life’s most life-changing events.  The truth is, no one knows beforehand or can imagine how having a child changes you in so many ways.  Before having children, I had no idea what my life would be like in my future or how much I would understand the true meaning of unconditional love, sacrifice and hard work.

Before having children I understood what too much sleep was like, my weekends were many times lazy, sleeping wonders.  I slept when I wanted, ate when I wanted, went out when I wanted, and did whatever I wanted with little or no pre-planning, organizing and preparing.  I carried myself, my keys, my bag and went about my day.

After having children, my bags got bigger, my planning got longer and more involved, my organizing and preparing for the simplest of trips, included check lists of everything from several changes of clothes, diapers, blankets (two of them), infant Tylenol, diaper cream and oval/infacol drops or gripe water.  OK, so maybe I over-packed on occasion, but gone were the pick-up-and-go days.

Before having children, I never imagined the amount of responsibility and insecurity I would have.  It was scary and overwhelming thinking about being responsible for raising a good, and successful human being; and the truth is, I never shared how nervous I really was.  As with many “first time” things, you just keep going, learning along the way and eventually you find your feet.

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(photos: Violetta Berlin)

Before having children I never understood what it meant to sacrifice.  I never understood how much my parents sacrificed for me and my siblings before having children either.  I imagine that most parents want to provide the best they can for their children; they want to give them as many opportunities in life, to elevate them so that they will have more opportunities in their future.  You want to put them in every learning and after school program, dance class, soccer, baseball, swim class; you want to take them on trips around the world so that they have the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Before having kids, you can’t imagine the continuous effort, determination, fortitude, and pure love that it takes to keep pushing and finding ways to do it all-with them and for them.  As with many things in the journey of parenting, it’s a labor of love and a sacrifice many parents make every single day.

Before having children, I didn’t realize how much my life would feel complete after having children.  I didn’t realize how hard and beautiful it would be.  I never knew how much my children would help me understand my own worth and purpose.  I never understood how much value they would add to my life, how much joy and happiness their presence would offer me.  I never realized how exciting it would be to watch a little human being experience “life” in all its innocent and beautiful form.  I never knew that you can actually re-live part of your childhood through the eyes of your child.  I never realized how having children can heal the heart and soul.  I never realized how much I would appreciate my own parents, and how I would understand a part of their parenting journey better, by being a parent myself.  I never understood how to appreciate the little things, the most important things in life, but I realize now by being, watching, loving, teaching and learning with my own children.

Mothers near and far, I hope that you realize your worth, you realize how loved you are, and hope that you always make the time to appreciate the simple, yet most important parts of life.

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