We all know becoming a mother means many things change.  I have seen my life evolve quite dramatically in the past few months since my son was born.  Here are just “some” of the many transformations, the last one being the most recent and exciting!

  1. The Mom-Mobile

When my son was born, we quickly discovered that my piece of crap 4-door Sedan was no longer the ideal vehicle for our family.  Not only did this car of mine not have the car seat hooks that newer vehicles have, it also was making funny noises; and being a low vehicle meant breaking my back when taking baby in and out of the car.

So, an upgrade was necessary: the Mom SUV.  Complete with: car seat hooks, reverse camera, Sirius xm radio, and most importantly, it’s one of the top rated vehicles for safety.




  1. The Sleep Schedule

Haven’t you heard? Not sleeping is the new sleeping! Everyone’s doing it, and if you’re a mom, and you get a good night’s sleep, for God’s sake, keep it to yourself, because the rest of us don’t want to hear it!

Somehow, some way, the rest of us STILL function without sleep.  Before baby, there was NO way I could function at work on 3-5 hours of broken up slumber, but it’s almost like my body has conformed to this new schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, I want more than anything to sleep for 8 hours straight for at least one night (and I know that day will eventually come). But once I get my coffee, I am able start my day, run my business, come home, cook dinner and even stay up until 10pm (and by “stay up” I mean pass out on the couch while watching TV).

I power through it, maybe in a somewhat zombie state, but at least I am showing up to work,  forming sentences properly and making sure my baby is taken care of.  And I think I deserve an award for it – just saying.

  1. The Mom Cut

I haven’t cut my hair since I was 5 month’s pregnant and my son is now 5 months old.  During my pregnancy my locks were voluminous and it grew very quickly.  I got a trim and kept it looking healthy.

After my son was born, my hair started dropping out.  I read somewhere that after giving birth; you lose something like 500 strands a day!  It’s a miracle I am not completely bald, because if the brush isn’t taking out all my hair, then Vincent is.  In the past month he has gotten into the grabbing stage, and he does.not.let.go.

So, here’s the Mom ‘do – before and after!  I also donated my hair to Locks of Love  🙂






(Post by: Karen Knowles)

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