Bathroom glory

Bathroom glory

The bathroom is a sacred space for a lot of people.  In fact, sharing a bathroom is one of my pet peeves of being married!  My hubby thinks is no big deal to leave the toilet seat up, or shave with his loud electric shaver while I’m enjoying a bath…I could go on and on.  I know, its not really a big deal, but for me, enjoying my bathing routine makes me happy!!  I also LOVE beautiful bathrooms.  My bathroom is tiny, only one sink and a dual functioning bath and shower.  Gets kinda cramped in there sometimes!   I’m not complaining because it’s really cute and functional, but one day, I dream to have beautiful, big bathroom.  Here are some bathrooms I truly LOVE!

Which one do you like?

If you wondering how to find out more information about these glorious bathrooms, I’ve posted the links below!  Enjoy  🙂

Bathroom 1                    Bathroom 4                 Bathroom 7               Bathroom 10

Bathroom 2                   Bathroom 5                  Bathroom 8

Bathroom 3                   Bathroom 6                  Bathroom 9


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