Bah Humbug and other really cool stuff

Bah Humbug and other really cool stuff

Bah Humbug and other really cool stuff

‘Tis the season for lots of cheer.  But truthfully, I’m not feeling the cheeriest right now.  I could sit here and give you the laundry load list of why things have gone amok, that my bathroom shower pipe busted in the master bathroom, inside the WALL (yes, excuse me while I scream a little) and we had to cut a hole in the closet to repair it and we also had to replace the fixtures (which aren’t the cheapest things in the world).  Its all painted and patched now.

And then…..wait for it….wait for it……

The guest bathroom did the SAME thing.  So now, two replacements later, two holes in the wall patched (excuse me while I scream again…)  we look like things may work out just as soon as my son’s entire room gets re-painted after the patch in the wall is repaired, sanded and dried.

And….I could go on and on and on….but i’ll spare you my troubles.

Lemons for lemonade, learning how to stay positive and remembering I’m blessed sound in order right about now.

(Anyone else have disasters going on right now?  Please, we could cry on each other’s shoulders.)

It’s Christmas, so I’ll blow my nose, wipe my face and try to find some big girl panties to put on.  Sometimes I think deciding to re-focus your thoughts on what’s good and not thinking about what’s not good is the way to maneuver through times that aren’t right and don’t feel right.

Here are a few things I’ve been looking at, thinking about that are actually really cool.

Didn’t know this (most likely because I’ve been living under a rock), but Cup of Jo informed me that the BFG is being made into a movie!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to see it.

This little boy made me laugh, he is VERY sure of what he wants from Santa

And the winner is….

Who knew?? Pass me the ICE CREAM pleasssseee

A letter to Father Christmas….Brilliant!

I think I’ll start re-watching the Star Wars series now.  I’m so excited to watch the ‘Force Awakens’ T-minus ONE DAY!

My husband and I are crazy for anything related to this King…thank goodness it was re-attached!

Party anyone?  I really don’t think that Christmas would be Christmas without something bubbly.  I love this because you can use this for any small party gathering.  Given the last couple of weeks I’ve had, I think a bottle all of my own sounds really good…..

Wishing you the happiest of the holiday season.  Tell us how you plan to celebrate it!  Post your comments below 🙂

Happy Holidays! Carters 2015

Love & Hugs,


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