Baby’s 1st Halloween- DIY Craft!

Baby’s 1st Halloween- DIY Craft!

A baby’s first Halloween is so exciting!

Here is an easy, fun craft you can do with your little one.



1 sheet of black construction paper

washable non-toxic white paint

foam brush

1 baby 🙂


Choose a time when your baby is happy – this is very important!

Gently apply the white paint with the foam brush

Carefully stand your baby on the black paper, and make sure all of the toes touch the paper

Very carefully remove your babies foot from the paper without smearing the paint

Have an extra sheet of paper ready because sometimes the second print is the best one

Turn the paper upside-down. Now you have a ghost!


Add the words BOO! And “Baby’s 1st Halloween” Add some eyes for your “ghost” and the date if you’d like.

Well done! You survived your very first baby craft!

Until my next adventure,



(Post by Blogging Babe Christina Turner)

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