Aussie Mom of two raises funds for kids with Cancer

Aussie Mom of two raises funds for kids with Cancer

It seems that every week someone new in my life is touched by cancer.  And not someone so removed it doesn’t hit home, like my mother-in-laws-golf-partners-uncle; I’m talking much closer then that. It’s like my best friends dad, or my ex-husbands brother. It’s everywhere and it’s scary.

As a new mom of two under two, my biggest fear in life is my children getting sick. I don’t mean with the flu or chicken pox, I mean with leukemia or a brain tumor. I don’t worry about it regularly but it’s something that pops into my head from time to time, and when it does I always take a moment to be grateful for the health of my family and pray to whatever/whoever it is out there that it stays that way.

While I was in hospital after having my youngest daughter last November, Telethon was on the TV 26 hours straight. Telethon is a registered children’s charitable trust dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of children and young people throughout Western Australia. In the 26-hour broadcast they showed numerous children fighting cancer and other diseases living in Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital, and my heart was breaking for them. I cried tears of joy for my new born who was so perfect, and tears of fear that she may end up like the children on the TV.

It was then I decided I wanted to help. I am not a doctor or a nurse and I don’t have millions of dollars to donate for research, but I knew there was something I could do to at least raise awareness and raise some funds for cancer research. My hair had grown extremely quickly and super thick and strong during my two pregnancies, so I figured now is the time to chop and donate it while it’s at it’s finest. I wanted to donate my hair to a foundation that makes wigs for children but unfortunately they only take in ‘virgin’ hair that has not been dyed. I totally didn’t fit the profile. So I found an organization, Pantene Beautiful Lengths, that allows donated hair to have been dyed (semi-permanently) and decided I’d cut my hair and send it in to them. In choosing to do this I created a fundraising page to create awareness and raise money for a different organization, the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation.

On August 10th 2013, my eldest daughter Oceania’s 2nd birthday, I cut 25cm of my hair off.  I raised $755, which is $255 more then my original goal.

Heather 3

I figure, I am so blessed, hair grows, and it’s the least I can do in my life to show my gratitude for my health and the health of family.

By:  Heather Starr
Mother of two beautiful girls, Lives in Quindalup, Western Australia.

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