A Rainbow in the sky

A Rainbow in the sky

One of my favorite writers was the late poet, Dr. Maya Angelou. I loved most things about her, only because I didn’t know everything about her, but what I did know about her, inspired me. In every success story, like Maya’s, there is a journey or battle to get to that place at the top, where many people dream of being. What I liked the most about Maya Angelou, was her honestly, faith, integrity, courage and grace and her poetic ability to “break-it-down” for anyone that would listen. She spoke from a place of love in my opinion, and her wisdom dares to inspire generations, for decades to come.

I am reminded of her snippets of wisdom very often and this week was no exception. While driving home a few days ago, I was amazed to see a big, brilliant rainbow in the sky. In fact, it was a double rainbow. I immediately chuckled out loud remembering the fairy tale about the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. With child like wonder, I imagined following it to see where it ended, and thought how nice it would be if the fable, were in fact true. My mind then remembered the saying by Dr. Maya Angelou, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud,” and it got me thinking of the significance of the rainbow in the sky and what it means to be that rainbow, amongst the clouds.


Surely, like me, there will be that automatic treasure chest at the end of the rainbow thought for most people. But, if you really take the time to think about it, you may find that there are many translations of the significance of the rainbow. A rainbow in the clouds could mean simply, to stand out amongst the grey and monotonous clouds. To be a light, bright and brilliant, in a world that’s filled with more of the same stuff. All of these would fit the significance of the rainbow.

What if the “rainbow” was actually the pay off for the storm, any storm, both literally and symbolically? And in fact, if it was the pay off, then it could be said, that the rainbow is the symbol that was created to mean the end of the storm and the beginning of something beautiful. A cleansing by the rain, then the start of something new- a new journey, a new perspective, a new hope for many things in our lives. How does the payoff for weathering the storm make you feel about a rainbow? I, for one, pay attention to the “rainbows” I am blessed to witness in my life.

What I think Dr. Angelou meant by her famous quote, was to put oneself in a position to be someone’s light in their darkness. And if you are the “light,” then aren’t you then becoming the manifestation of love. “Love liberates,” says Angelou, it frees you from whatever agony or situation you face. On the upcoming, first anniversary of Dr. Maya Angelou’s death, be reminded of her wisdom. Be the “rainbow in someone’s cloud,” or even your own. Storms don’t last forever, the rainbows will come out, and when they do, find your own meaning for the significance of the “rainbows” in your life.

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