A cool new Tradition for Thanksgiving

A cool new Tradition for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here!  Millions of families around the world are getting together to celebrate with gratitude and love in their hearts.  It’s a day for connecting, sharing, laughing and supporting the people we love.  On this wonderful day, I came across something very special and if you haven’t already heard or seen this, please have a look.

It’s called The Thanksgiving Reader by Seth Godin and its a “new holiday tradition” that you should definitely consider!  In an age where electronics and smart phones many times replace human interaction, this is a breath of fresh air and PERFECT for Thanksgiving!



Here’s wishing you all good food, great conversation, good company, lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE!

No opt-ins, just a free gift for you from Seth Godin  🙂  Download your FREE Thanksgiving Reader here , don’t forget to WATCH the VIDEO!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Love & Hugs,


Also, if your looking for a last minute appetizer, this looks amazing!  You can wash it down with this homemade, fresh & simple idea (you can make this kid-friendly too!)  xo

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