Melinda Bacchus-Maynard



Hi there! My name is Melinda Svetlana Bacchus-Maynard and as you can probably tell from my name, I am the product of two (well three) very different cultures.  No, my father is not “Bacchus”, the Mythical Greek God of Revelry and Red Wine (wishful thinking…wink, wink).  I was born in The Bahamas to a Guyanese Father and Russian Mother (although I bet you would have never guessed that from my middle name…insert sarcasm here!) .


From birth I was exposed to three very different cultures which, all of which I equally embraced.  I grew up on the beautiful family Island of Eleuthera (which is the Greek word for Freedom (do you see a trend here because I do!) until I was 15  when I went to boarding school in Toronto, Canada and yes it was freeeeeezing for this island gal but, thank goodness I have that thick Russian blood!  After boarding school, I moved to Florida where I obtained my first degree in Psychology and Marketing and then moved to Leeds (and later London), England where I obtained my Law degree and passed the English Bar Examinations.  In 2001, I moved to New Providence and began my career as an Attorney.  Shortly thereafter my darling, sweet hubby, Jason, proposed!  A year and a half later we were married!  We wanted to have lots of fun and travel the world (in between working of course) so we did just that for about 5 years before we decided to have our first child.  In 2008 I gave birth to Moanna, who is the absolute apple of my eye!  Three years later we decided to walk down that new parent path again and in 2012 we had our precious baby boy Sacha, who captures another piece of my heart every single day!


What do I love!?!?!?  Well, besides the obvious (that I love, love, love my family with every ounce of my being) I also love to cook and entertain.  While I love being a wife and a mother (in case that was not obvious before, lol), I also feel it is so very important not to lose your true self as you enter different phases of life…me time, couple time, mommy time are all equally important.





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