Our Story



The idea for a mother and child-friendly store came out of necessity over 5 years ago while pregnant with my first child. Like most mothers, I wanted to be able to give my baby the best products and care that I could. In addition, I felt the need to really nurture and take care of myself. There were very limited options and mother support offerings here. I couldn’t help but think that surely, I wasn’t the only mother wanting to find better quality, safe, natural and organic products to carry me through the entire birth process. Along with the retail aspect of the store, support classes and an information resource for all mothers at Bun in the Oven was key to our business plan and philosophy.


We have aligned ourselves with well-respected, top professionals, and power house mothers to offer our mommies the best in information and support. Mothers deserve an outlet to get valuable information and discuss their experiences in a safe, non-judgmental, respectful and supportive place. We have strived to create that calming, nurturing and safe place for all of our mommies and babies at Bun in the Oven.