5 things to do on a Sunday

5 things to do on a Sunday

Ahhh….Weekendssss…nice isn’t it?  For many of us that are lucky enough not to have to work on the weekends, we take this time very seriously.  And when I say “we,” I mean, me. Ha!  There was a time when I worked all weekend long, even though I loved what I did, not being able to go to birthday parties with my kids was a real bummer.  I appreciated my weekends SO MUCH MORE when I actually got them back.  I never want to miss a thing and carefully plan out my weekends with my kids.  Sundays are especially glorious because I make sure all my errands are run on Saturdays.

Can you believe, I used to go grocery shopping on SUNDAYS….such blasphemy!   O.K.,  like my good friend Maya Angelou said, “when you know better, you do better.”  Alright, we weren’t friends, but a girl can dream, can’t she?!

Here are a few things to do, actually, 5 things to do on a Sunday 🙂

  1.  Make Sauce!  Seriously sounds blah, but I promise it’s SO NOT.  Get into it with some elbow grease and make the kids stir the pot–they love that job!  (Disclaimer:  be careful having the young ones too close to the hot stove!)  Also, do you have a great Marinara Sauce Recipe you can share?  Please do.  I think I’ll share my Mom’s sauce, she’s an amazing little Italian lady that is an awesome cook!  Fresh baked baguette dipped in sauce, a nice salad, and a glass of red or white or rose´….  see, make the sauce!
  2. Spend some time outdoors.  I am so lucky to have a beach with white sand, and turquoise waters within walking distance from my home.  Trust me, I never take that for granted!  My kids love the beach, so we go there a lot.  We like to walk up and down the beach looking for shells and treasure.  Yes, we’re pirates really.  Nothing like looking for buried treasure to get you feeling like a kid again.  It’s O.K, you can skip down the beach too if you want!  If you don’t have a beach, find a park, or go to the mountains….really its just geography!  Who says buried treasure doesn’t exist in the mountains of Montana….
  3. Take photos.  Seeing the world through the lens of a camera is pretty cool.  I bet you’ll be surprised to see how many amazing photos you can take.  Even just documenting your weekend outing with the kids is really nice.  Life is about making, and REMEMBERING memories….photos do that for us.
  4. Read a book or magazine.  Remember when you could sit by the pool or outside with a glass of lemonade or a cocktail/mocktail, and just read in peace?  Yes, you can still do that.  It doesn’t have to be for hours, you can set aside 20 mins for yourself, right?  If you have an infant, maybe when they are napping would be best.  Or you can call your good ol’ mom or even get hubby to be on babysitting duty for a bit.  If you prefer, read to your kids.  Better yet, have them read to you.  Even if they can’t read, they can still tell the story through pictures.  When my kids were young, I would just open kids books up and ask them, “tell me what’s happening here?”  Worked every time…kids imaginations are GREAT!
  5. Plan a picnic or potluck.  I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love going on picnics…..like even just in our back yard..LOL! There is something about packing food that makes my kids get super excited.  Oh, and all the junk food gets thrown in…which is probably why they love picnics so much!  I try to be reasonable with their food choices, its not everyday that they get to eat whatever they want.  And just so I feel better about my good parenting, I throw a healthy choice in there. 1:4 junk food ratio isn’t that bad, right?  If the picnic thing doesn’t work for you, try a family pot luck.  Pick a dish and invite people to do the same.  Then just find a cool place to hang out together.

Love & Hugs,


P.S.  Let me know if you want me to share my sauce recipe on a later blog post.  I can’t wait to see your recipes either 🙂  SHARE below


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