5 things overdue pregnant women don’t want to hear

5 things overdue pregnant women don’t want to hear

For some being pregnant for 40 weeks is more than enough.   By the end of the third trimester a lot of women experience lots of discomfort.   They’re feeling heavy, their mobility has slowed, some have very swollen feet, they’re probably finding it very difficult to get comfortable when they sleep or they can’t sleep, and they’re still plagued with the dreaded heartburn.  What’s not to love, right?

The best thing is to allow your baby to come naturally, and many doctors will allow women to go past their due date.  Your due date is not an exact science in any event.  It is a calculation based on a few pieces of information and measurements in order to pin point when you conceived.  Here are 5 things overdue women don’t want to hear:


You’re going to miss being pregnant, so just enjoy it:  While that may be true, it may be hard for her to truly accept and understand that concept in her state; especially given her probable discomfort and eagerness to see her feet again!  It’s similar to when people ask you right after giving birth, if you want more children. Some people need some time to heal and to forget.


Talking about your own birth experience:  People love to share stories; pregnancy experiences and birth stories love to be shared but there is a time and place for that.  Breaking it down for a mom that is about to deliver her baby is not the best idea.  You don’t want to add to her anxiety or cause unnecessary worry.  Wait until after the baby is born, then you can both share your experiences.

Just keep “doing it”: Although it may be scientifically proven that those types of encounters may bring on labour at the end of pregnancy, sometimes it doesn’t and moreover, some women are so uncomfortable it’s not a lot of fun, for them.


Just get induced:  This may be said in the most loving and respectful manner but many women don’t want to have to medically bring on labour.  The best case scenario is for the baby to come naturally, when it’s ready, but in some cases, the doctor may decide that induction is the best method to make sure both the mother and baby do fine.


You many need a c-section if the baby gets too big:  C-sections are major medical surgeries that can pose many risks to the mother and baby; it’s not something that doctors take lightly and many women can be fearful of such an invasive procedure.  Just because a woman is past her due date doesn’t mean a c-section will certainly be done.  Many women give birth naturally after being overdue.


Typically, going over your due date is not a problem and you shouldn’t worry too much about it, but if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and due date, always speak to you health care professional.

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Oh, and if your’re looking to stay busy while waiting, try some of these ideas.  Safe Delivery!

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